Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Women

sleep apnea symptoms in womensleep apnea symptoms in women

Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Women: About Sleep Apnea

Apnea is known as a dangerous condition that is able to tremendously decrease our satisfaction associated with everyday living and result in unwanted force on a normally harmonious marriage. Sleep apnea is definitely a dysfunction, condition, or problem resulting from somebody not being able to inhale during sleep because of an obstacle obstructing the airway or the brain neglecting to control respiration muscular areas. More than twenty million US citizens suffer although couple of look for remedy for the condition.

What are Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Women?

The Sleep Apnea Symptoms in Women in many cases are diverse in comparison to the Sleep Apnea Symptoms in men. Most women of all ages usually have greater problems while dropping off to sleep and infrequently express additionally symptoms of narcolepsy when compared with men do. Furthermore, adult females record a lot more disturbed sleeping when compared to their male counterparts. Those who are snore, in general, expertise extreme normal sleepiness, depression/irritability, impotence (too little virility ladies), gasping or simply choking while sleeping (frequently found by just another person aside from the actual person), evening problems and situation. These signs or symptoms certainly are a one on one results of poor quality regarding rest.

Symptoms of sleep apnea in women

• Dry mouth upon waking up
• Sense of being overwhelmed
• Mood disturbances
• Morning headaches
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Restless legs
• Lack of energy
• Insomnia
Below are a few popular problems which usually sleep apnea is commonly incorrectly recognized for the reason that they distribute identical signs or symptoms:
• Obesity
• Menopause
• Insomnia
• Hypothyroidism
• Hypochondria
• Hypertension
• Fibromyalgia
• Being overworked
• Depression
• Cardiac diseases
• Anemia

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