How To Buy A Tent for Camping

How To Buy A Tent for Camping? It goes without saying, you can’t camp without a tent. That is unless you camp with an RV or some other vehicle. But camping is a lot of fun with a tent and something everyone should try once. If you want to buy a tent, there are several things to keep in mind so you get the exact tent you want so you can enjoy it for years to come.

How Big Should the Tent Be?

How To Buy A Tent for Camping

How To Buy A Tent for Camping

Unless you are canoeing or backpacking with the tent, the size and weight of it really don’t matter. The tent’s capacity is determined by square footage and how many standard size sleeping bags will fit in it. That means if you buy a two person tent for two people, there will be very little room for anything but two sleeping bags. A four person tent would accommodate two people, their gear and a little elbow room.

If you have a large family or plan on camping for an extended period of time, you may want to check out the multi-room tents. This affords some privacy as there are two rooms separated by an inside tent wall with a zippered door. They also make three room tents, too.

Adequate Rainfly

The rainfly acts as the tent’s umbrella. They are waterproof. Tent walls are only water repellant. The bigger the rainfly is, the better. Find a rainfly that comes down the sides of the tent instead of just across the top.

Adequate Guy Lines

Guy lines are loops sewn into tent walls near the middle. Sometimes rainflies have them, too. These are used to attach guy lines that pull the walls out so they are taught. This keeps the tent walls from flapping in the wind and making the tent become unstable.

Folded Seams and Double Stitching

It’s important to buy a tent that is well constructed. If you can pull the material up on either side of the seam and see any light through the stitches, the tent will most certainly leak. Also, be sure to use seam sealer on all seams to ensure that all water is kept outside.

One Piece Tub Floor

A big concern when you have a tent is water leakage through the floor. That’s why it’s important to get a tent with a floor made of waterproof material. It should also come a few inches up the side before it is sewn into the tent walls. There shouldn’t be a seam in the floor so there is absolutely no place for water to seep in.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when buying a tent. Everything from the size of the tent, the size of the rainfly to keep water off the tent, and the type of stitching the tent has is a consideration. In the end, a quality tent will lend to a much better camping experience.

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