Diet for High Blood Pressure

Diet for high blood pressure is very important and it’s become a topic of discussion that never runs out. Read on…

Diet for High Blood Pressure

Diet for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure occurs when there is an increase of pressure in the arteries, it is the highest (systolic) and the lowest (diastolic), must stability, i.e. result ere high for most measurements, both that one of the two, the maximum should not exceed 140 mmHg and the minimum 85 mmHg, recall, however, that an optimal pressure should not exceed 120 for maximum and minimum 80. Normal and check the pressure increase after physical exertion or stress during an intense, but this rush returns to normal immediately once it ceases cause, the problem is when these values above the norm are held so high over time, it causes damage to the whole body, such as the brain, heart, blood vessels, kidneys eyes, up to being able to compromise the functionality with non-reversible damage.

And a widespread problem, especially in developed countries, as is often closely related to obesity, plenty of food, excessive fat in diet, diabetes, smoking and sedentary life, although often you can’t find a certain cause for its occurrence. In the early stages is often underestimated because the symptoms are absent or very vague when it is not the case with precision is called idiopathic or essential, this happens in 90% of cases, while in the remaining 10% the cause is well defined and is called secondary. The continuation of this State hypertensive involves firstly working for the heart, as it must make a greater effort to send in the circle until you can get blood to heart failure due to left ventricular hypertrophy, and then displays the subject also at a higher risk of angina pectoris or heart attack; then all damages blood vessels and particularly those of the brain, exposing a greater risk of stroke and to a deterioration of mental faculties, in addition to damage to the eye and kidney, but in general the whole body suffers. This disease must be cured not only drugs, but also with a right approach food, following an appropriate diet, and generally changing our lifestyle.

Useful tips for Diet for High Blood Pressure

One of the main causes of hypertension is obesity, then we must follow a diet (dietary) calorie to fit in our ideal weight, so avoid fatty foods like butter, cheese, fried foods, eat right, eliminate simple sugars and sweets, preferring the pasta and bread, preferably integrals, prefer the polyunsaturated vegetable fats than saturated animal, as these clean arteries from bad cholesterol (LDL) thanks to their good cholesterol (HDL), prefer white meat like chicken and rabbit with red meat, vegetable and fruits abound in cool, enter in our diet foods that promote diuresis as onions, garlic, artichokes and others who then promote a normal drop in pressure.

Most important is to reduce the intake of cooking salt (sodium), because faovorisce the retention, then increases the blood volume and therefore blood pressure, being careful to what occurs naturally in foods, avoiding absolutely the sausages, which are full. By banish absolutely alcohol and cigarette smoke and recommended to do a physical activity, including walking okay, at least four times a week, anyway you can do everyday, and we try to keep under control the stress.

Diet for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Cholesterol and diet is a key to well-being coupled, as a special diet for cholesterol is a diet that could reduce total cholesterol levels of 15 percent without drugs or physical activity. You could further lower cholesterol by 4-10 points with regular physical activity. Is a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats that help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other complications of future heart disease. In addition to decrease cholesterol these guidelines will help to reduce a few inches more than the waist and are supporting the health and function of many organs of body base. Read more: Diet for High Blood Pressure.

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